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DynamicsCon Live 2024

Denver, Colorado 

May 13-16, 2024

From Chaos to Control: Achieving a Smooth Financial Period Close in D365 F&O

Are you tired of struggling through a chaotic and stressful financial period close process in D365? Do you want to gain control over your financial data and ensure a smooth and accurate close every time? 

Let’s get Physical, or Financial. Understanding inventory value.

Does your company struggle with understanding inventory value and what drives these values? Understanding and proper management of the factors that determine physical and financial inventory values are important to both the finance and operations teams of a company.

Ask the Experts: Dynamics 365 Finance

If you've got a burning question about anything finance related, you'll want to bring them to this session where we'll take your questions and get them answered from a panel of experts.

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Behind the Scenes: Understanding Data Entity & Table Mapping for D365 F&O Form Fields

When working with data in various forms in D365 F&O, knowing the table or data entity name where the data is stored can assist in a variety of functions. From extracting data for further analysis to being able to mass update records through a data management import, knowing how to access this data "behind the scenes" is a valuable tool. 


Recover Pending Invoices in D365 F&O 

Pending vendor invoices play an important role in D365 F&O to allow users to create, edit, and submit vendor invoices before the invoice can be posted and eventually paid to the vendor.  Similiar to journals, only one user can be in the pending invoice at a time, as not to create competing changes. Since pending invoices can only be accessed by one user at a time, the sytem locks, or marks the invoice as "in use" at the time a user opens the record. 


12 Tips of D365 F&O - Workflow Status

🎶 In the twelfth tip of D365 F&O, D365 with Brittany shared with me--how to review workflow status! 🎶


12 Tips of D365 F&O - Custom Alerts

🎶 In the eleventh tip of D365 F&O, D365 with Brittany shared with me--setting up custom alerts just for me! 🎶


12 Tips of D365 F&O - Links to Specific Records

🎶 In the tenth tip of D365 F&O, D365 with Brittany shared with me--sharing a link to a specific record! 🎶


12 Tips of D365 F&O - Bulk Edit Functionality 

🎶 In the ninth tip of D365 F&O, D365 with Brittany shared with me--new 10.0.38 Bulk Edit Functionality! 🎶


12 Tips of D365 F&O - Security Diagnostics

🎶 In the eighth tip of D365 F&O, D365 with Brittany shared with me--diagnostics to help with security! 🎶


Custom Workspaces in D365 F&O

When setting up your home office, in-office cubicle, temporary hotel room desk, or any other place you work from, there is always one thing you do--you put the things you need to do your job in close reach. When I think about setting up my desk, I start to consider my digital workstation. Why should my ERP workstation be any different? Like your actual desk, D365 can be personalized to create your very own workspace.


Posting Profiles: The Keys to Posting Success

It is no secret that D365 F&O transactions are driven by ledger and subledger transactions. Have you ever wondered how the system determined which main accounts it should use for each debit and credit? The keys to posting transactions successfully are posting profiles.


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DUG Webinar: Basic Navigational Tips and Tricks to Empower D365 F&O End Users

In case you missed it, check out my webinar presented by Dynamics User Group!  Watch the webinar on MSDynamics World: DUG Webinar: Basic Navigational Tips and Tricks to Empower D365 F&O End Users | MSDynamicsWorld.com